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Pinata Hunter 2

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Pinata Hunter 2 is the second edition of the colorful and sweet game where you have to whack the unicorn and earn as much candies as you can. It is a simple clicking game where all actions are made using mouse. You start playing with a simple stick and small bag. When you hit the unicorn, some of the candies drop down, some of them drop into your bag. You should try to make all of them fall into the bag to earn money. Money is very important factor in the game - using those money you can visit the game shop and buy special upgrades - for example you can buy a bigger bag to make the chance of catching candies higher, or you can even buy some special tools to make your hits stronger and get more candies from a single hit.

Pinata Hunter 2 is not an endless game, but you can play it as long as you can. Even though that unlocking and buying all upgrades take some time, I am sure that you will spend it with pleasure. The most colorful and most sweet clicking game is waiting for you, play the Pinata Hunter 2 right now at our website.